About Us

We are a Canadian company, based in Ontario and soon to expand to different places. Our company is dedicated towards bringing our clients the highest quality truck tires and related solutions at a reasonable price to make your truck feel always brand-new.


Since we are a newly started company we have the newest technologies, to give you the highest servicing level, at a very good price. We are an enterprise always striving to innovate and bring new ways to make the necessities of truck owners an easy thing to deal with.


Despite our company being new, we offer the wide array of tires and other related items older stores offer, yet with superior assistance and client attention.


We are a brand independent company, so we can give you the best advice possible without having to depend on brands who could sponsor us, this makes finding the best products for your machine way easier, since we have a large variety of products which would not have the same quality and versatility if we were biased towards offering a single product from enterprise giants only.

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